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Summer Term

Ancient Civilisations


What will we be learning about?

This project teaches children about the history of three of the world’s first ancient civilisations: ancient Sumer, ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley civilisation. Children will learn about the rise, life, achievements and eventual end of each civilisation.


The Rise of the ancient Sumer


  1. Development of ancient Sumer
  2. Food and Farming
  3. Inventions
  4. Sumerian City States
  5. Hierarchy of ancient Sumer – The world’s first Emperor




In English this term, we will be writing a set of instructions inspired by our topic of the ancient Sumer. We will also be learning about how to write newspaper reports.

We will have two key texts this term:


Non-Fiction - Discover Ancient Sumer by Paul Collins.


  A lively account of one of the world's earliest civilisations and the first to invent writing.

Readers will discover what is meant by a ziggurat, how cunieform writing works, the importance of cylinder seals and stories of Sumerian kings, heroes and gods.


Fiction - There's a Pharaoh In Our Bath! by Jeremy Strong.


Tony Lightspeed is always bringing home sick and injured animals, so when he turns up with an unconscious man dressed from head to tie in rather stinky bandages, his family aren't too surprised. But then they discover that the man is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Sennapod, who has been dead for over 4,000 years. Brought back to life by two dastardly grave robbers, Sennapod is on the run. Can he persuade the Lightspeeds to help him?