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Shipham Church of England First School



Through our computing curriculum here at Shipham Church of England First School, we aim to give all of our pupils the skills they need to use technology effectively, efficiently and safely. We want them to be able to use and apply these transferrable skills with any new technology and in the 21st century workplace.


We want to use our computing lessons to inspire and motivate our pupils to know the career opportunities open to them if they have a passion for computing. We want our children to become independent users of technology and be able to support their peers in all activities.. We strive to use technology effectively across the entire curriculum, ensuring that our pupils recognise the importance of computing in every subject.



We use the Barefoot Computing at School scheme to provide schools with the ability to deliver the computing curriculum with downloadable lessons and resources which have been sequenced and grouped into projects for each year group. The Barefoot lessons have been developed by teachers and backed by research and bring computing to life in the classroom – with or without a computer.


Computing lessons are taught discretely or at other times of the school day whenever there is an appropriate cross-curricular link. The children have access to Chromebooks, iPads, Beebots and other digital devices at school so they can develop their skills further.



A high quality computing education aims to develop a range of programming and technological skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas, including Science, Mathematics, English and History. As pupils progress through the school, they will become increasingly confident in:


• the application of their digital skills,

• becoming increasingly efficient and effective communicators, collaborators and analysts,

• showing imagination and creativity in their use of ICT in different aspects of their learning and life beyond school.

• online safety and the risks involved when using the internet.