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Shipham Church of England First School

Spring Term

Misty Mountain, Winding River


What will we be learning about?

  • The journey of a river
  • Rivers in the UK
  • Rivers around the world
  • The water cycle
  • Mountains in the UK
  • Mountains around the world
  • Changing landscapes and environments


Our Writing Focus


We will be exploring a range of genres across this term including river poetry, writing diaries and creating leaflets using mixed media. We will be enjoying a wide range of non-fiction texts in class and we broaden our knowledge of rivers and mountains in the UK and around the world.


Our chosen text for this term's topic is 'Song of the River' by Gill Lewis. We will enjoy reading this book as a class and some of our whole class reading will be centred around this text. Later in the term we will also be working towards narrative writing inspired by the book.


'Times are tough for Cari and her mum: a violent storm has flooded the valley where they live, destroying their home and café business. Things seem bleak - but hope appears in the form of a plan to reintroduce beavers into the area, as the changes that these amazing animals make to the waterways might prevent another flood. Cari knows that she has to get involved. But with the project facing resistance from locals, can she convince them to give the beavers a chance - and will it be enough to save her home from being destroyed for a second time?'



Homework Projects