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Our EYFS Curriculum Overview

Our EYFS Curriculum Overview


How is our curriculum being developed?


Our curriculum continues to be developed and reviewed. However, the process of establishing it and subsequently reviewing and developing it is completed by all EYFS staff, curriculum leaders from the wider school, senior leaders, parents and children themselves. Staff always review provision and experiences using observations of the children’s play and what they say to further improve our curriculum. We are committed to professional development and so we continue to refine and improve our curriculum following training from or conversations with experts such as the EYFS Preschool Lead Practitioner from our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) and the EYFS Advisor for Somerset County Council.


What are our curriculum principles?



Our curriculum draws on what children are already interested in and things which we know will interest them when they learn more about them. Our curriculum offers purposeful activities which are relevant to all our children’s lives.



Our curriculum makes links between areas of learning and development which combine to make a coherent experience.



Our curriculum provides a broad range of experiences. Learning is planned so that children learn through a variety of contexts at school and through wider aspects of life.

Three special opportunities to learn during the early years at Shipham School


We are proud of our curriculum and EYFS environment. However, there are three opportunities within our curriculum which all children experience during their time in EYFS and are unique to Shipham CE First School. Children develop confidence, new skills and language as they grow and develop through these opportunities.


  • Playing and learning together from age 2 and continuing this mixed age experience with year 1 in our Willow Class.


  • Exploring our beautiful school grounds and experiencing nature and the changing seasons through the use of our forest school area.


  • Learning about care, wellbeing and safety by looking after our preschool pet guinea pigs.

What is the impact of our curriculum?

The impact of our curriculum is that children have the foundational knowledge and understanding, through the EYFS seven areas of learning and development, they need for key stage 1 and for the rest of their schooling.  They are happy, confident, and imaginative children.


EYFS staff and subject leaders evaluate the impact of our curriculum by checking what children know and can do throughout the year. EYFS staff meet with the Head Teacher for progress reviews and an opportunity to reflect on how the curriculum should adapt to meet the needs of the children.


The impact of our curriculum is that children achieve well in all areas of learning and development. Our EYFS provision is woven through all areas of school development and has a clear plan for development each year. This is monitored and evaluated by the EYFS Lead, the Headteacher and designated EYFS Governor.