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Wind in the Willows play

The pupils of Blackrock class have recently had an opportunity to unleash their inner thespians as they’ve been perfecting their take on the classic ‘The Wind in the Willows’. The year three and four children showcased their acting talent to the entire school and parents in the final performance last Thursday (11th). However, they weren’t just handed a script and told to memorise it: the children had to make casting decisions themselves based on their individual strengths. Testament to their hard work, the performance went off without a hitch and the audience had a wonderful time. The play was the culmination of a geographical topic that Blackrock class have been studying. They have been focussing on rivers (hence The Wind in the Willows) and mountains. To help add to their knowledge of mountains Kerry Hemms, a mum and adventurer, has volunteered to come in to talk about her expedition to climb Kilimanjaro. She also made a cake model of the mountain which, although not life size, was big enough to feed the whole school.