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Shipham Church of England First School


The pupils of Shipham First School must have recharged their batteries over half term as they showed no signs of flagging despite returning to yet another busy week. Recently, the whole school experienced the ‘Star Lab’ – a big tent that allowed pupils to study the night sky and zoom in on different constellations including Orion, Pegasus, the ram and the bull, without the drawbacks of traditional stargazing. The Star Lab also had a filter that allowed the children to view the Earth from outer space, relating it to what Tim Peake must see on his circuits around The World. This week,  Green Club got the chance to put the lessons they learned in the Star Lab into action as they spent a (thankfully cloudless) night stargazing with the help of Mr. Burton and his telescope. It was a beautifully clear, cold evening and the children observed several constellations along with Polaris, satellites and even Saturn. When they had exhausted the night sky, the children warmed up with hot chocolate and ‘smores’ (toasted marshmallows sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits) around a roaring fire.


In other news, years one and two visited @Bristol on a trip to continue their learning about themselves (the topic this term) : they used the interactive stations to learn more about the human body, how it grows and has evolved over thousands of years. There was plenty to see and do, and after lunch the children attended a workshop where they learnt about the digestive system and tested their senses.