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Sport Mad at Shipham School

Shipham School have gone sport mad. There is a new lunchtime sports club run by Mel Edmonds. Mel, who has played in a softball league in Bristol, is teaching the children how to play softball and kwik cricket during lunchtime play.  The children have learnt new skills and have enjoyed playing the games and working together in teams.


The softball bug has even spread to the parents who have requested an after school game for mums and children.

Fresh from their brilliant performance at the school tennis competition, Mrs Leader has started an after school tennis club for the children. Their first session was run by Stephen Pearce from Cheddar Tennis Club.  The children were enthusiastic and showed great promise for the competition next year.


Pupils are also geared up to do a sponsored cycle around the playing fields to raise money for a chicken run and equipment for the ‘green club’.


The children continue to enjoy kickboxing on Monday evenings and also the football and multisports sessions on Friday evenings.