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Green Club visit Ham Wall

Shipham First School’s Green Club have made a flying start to the new year: last Wednesday (20th January) the club visited Ham Wall Nature Reserve and were rewarded with a mesmerising display as tens of millions of starlings settled into the marshy reed-beds for the night. The children were fixated as the individually unremarkable starlings swooped and swirled in huge groups with each group’s beautiful convulsions perfectly and seamlessly co-ordinated as if each entire flock shares a single mind. The starling visit hasn’t been Green Club’s only bird-related activity this month. The children have also made new bird feeders from oranges and installed them in the forest school to encourage birds in preparation for the RSPB’s Big Birdwatch. In the week starting the 25th, the Green Club will dedicate an hour of their time to counting the number and recording the species of all the birds that alight in or fly over the school’s playing field. The data they collect will be sent to the RSPB and analysed as part of their annual bird census.