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Blackrock Class visit Tyntesfield

Blackrock Class visited Tytesfield this week as part of their ‘Victorian’ project.  Isla and Elijah wrote the following report of the visit:

“Yesterday, on the 18th October 2017, Blackrock class went to Tyntesfield. Tyntesfield is a Victorian house near Bristol.  We waited for the coach for about half an hour and finally the coach arrived. Everybody got on with their partner and we whizzed off to Tyntesfield.

When we arrived, there were a few ladies standing out in the chilly wind waiting for the class to get off the coach. Time passed away very quickly as we walked up and down the steep hills to the private classroom.

We hung our coats up on the pegs and our lunches in a metal crate. Then we went to study the artefacts on the four tables. Our favourite thing was the pocket watch. A pocket watch was a type of watch in Victorian times which men kept in their waistcoat pockets.

Next, we looked at the census form, which was a document that had the names, ages, occupations of all the people who lived in the house, Mr and Mrs Gibbs owned the house they had ten children!

After that, we went down to pretend to be a Victorian servant in the main house. We split up into four groups and went into the house. We sorted out cups, cleaned silver, went in the night nursery and went in Mrs Giggs bedroom.

After pretending to be maids and butlers it was lunch time. After lunch we walked back to the class room when we got back from the main house. We dressed up in clothes that wealthy children wore for school. Isla wore an orange dress and Elijah dressed in a gold jacket and trousers.

We went outside and we lined up practicing bows and curtseys. After that, we went back inside and took our outfits off to give back to the ladies.   The last thing we did at Tyntesfield was writing on a slate chalkboard and slate pencil. We wrote our names and said our favourite thing or things about our funday at Tyntesfield. Isla wrote ‘I liked dressing up as a maid’ and Elijah wrote ‘I loved looking and holding the pocket watch. I loved unclasping and seeing inside the watch.’       

The last thing we did was walking up and down the hills the way we had come back to the coach that we had come in and we talked happily on the way back to school.”