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January 2022

31 January 2022

Message from Mr Ewens Headteacher (taken from Class Dojo)

A Covid update for you. We currently have 11 children away in Willow Class, 4 in Oak Class and 4 in Chestnut Class, all with Covid. I am delighted to say that Mrs Hooper is back at school today (hurrah!) but Mrs Leader and Mrs Tasker are still off.
We have had 4 new cases reported over the weekend, spread across the three classes so hopefully this outbreak is slowing down. Fingers crossed!
We have other children off with different bugs and ailments so we wish all those off school well and look forward to seeing them all back soon.
A reminder that you need two consecutive negative lateral flow tests for your child to return after day 5 but they can return on day 10 even if still testing positive. Hope that makes sense - please let us know if you are not sure.

26 January 2022

Message from Mr Ewens Headteacher (taken from Class Dojo)

An update on the fast-moving Covid situation at school. We currently have 21 cases in school (9 in Oak, 9 in Willow and 3 in Chestnut) with three members of staff also testing positive.
School will remain open for all those children who are well and able to attend. School closure will be a last resort to prevent disruption to the children's learning and, of course, the minimise the knock on effect on parents ability to look after their children during the school day following a school closure.
A huge thank you to all those staff who have been so flexible with their timetables today to allow all the children to carry on with their learning. We have installed CO2 monitors into each room at school which have been helpful in telling us when we need to circulate fresh air into that particular space. We understand air purifiers are only currently being provided to schools who are unable to adequately ventilate their buildings which, at Shipham, we can. Windows and doors are kept open as much as possible unless the temperature causes discomfort. All staff continue to wear masks and are, with the children, following strict hand washing / sanitising protocols.
There is a high level of Covid infection in the local area and a number of schools are affected. I am very grateful to all parents who are regularly testing their children and for your understanding at this difficult time. Again, a huge thank you to all my staff and we wish all those at home, children and staff, a speedy recovery and look forward to having them back soon.

25 January 2022

Message from Mr Ewens Headteacher (taken from Class Dojo)

Following Mrs Macleod's message yesterday, we have had further Covid cases reported in children at school today.
There are currently 17 children off school (8 in Oak, 1 in Chestnut and 8 in Willow) with Covid and one member of staff. I have notified Public Health due to the number of cases we have at the moment and will pass on any guidance that they provide.
Until now, we have not been providing work for children off school with Covid as theoretically they are 'off sick'; it would therefore be inappropriate, in normal times of illness, to ask them to work at home. However, due to the number of asymptomatic cases in schoolchildren and the requests from some parents for work, we will start signposting learning for children to do at home during their isolation provided, of course, that they are completely well.
If your child is off with Covid, please notify their class teacher if they are asymptomatic, well and able to access learning. I am sure you appreciate this will not be direct teaching as in lockdown due to class teachers being busy during the school day in class, but will be some suggested activities or access to reading books for use at home.
We will keep you updated in terms of the ongoing Covid situation and wish those children off school a speedy recovery.

24 January 2022

Message from Mrs Macleod Operations Manager (taken from Class dojo)

Just a quick update on the Covid situation at school. Over the weekend we have had three confirmed cases in Willow Class, one in Chestnut Class and eight in Oak Class. We also have a member of staff with Covid which we reported at the end of last week. According to the current guidance, the rest of the children in school are fine to still attend school every day.
Please continue to test your child regularly using a lateral flow device and keep them at home if they test positive, even if they are not showing symptoms.
We are continuing to ventilate the classrooms and other shared spaces as often as possible, as well as following strict handwashing routines throughout the day. All surfaces in shared spaces are cleaned regularly.
We wish all children and staff who are away a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing them back in school soon.